• User:   the owner of the apartments of Mijas-Residence
  • Counterpart:    the clients that sign a rental agreement regarding Mijas-Residence
  • The owner of Mijas-Residence can be represented by a (temporary) substitute.


The apartment is described on the website This website has been developed with the utmost care and dedication, nevertheless there could be differences between the current status of the apartments and its surroudings when guests are staying there and the corresponding texts and/or pictures of the website. The guests are not entitled to any rights due to this type of differences.


  • The minimum stay in an apartment: June, July, August 3 nights. Other months 2 nights.
  • The apartments are accesible 24 hours/day. Each apartment has its own private entrance.
  • The use of the apartment can not be transferred to a third party. Visitors cannot stay overnight in the apartments without the permission of the user and without paying the corresponding extra amount. The price per person per week is € 15.00 and includes gas, water, electricity and heating, VAT, bed linen, towels and end-cleaning.
  • The apartment must be in the same condition as on arrival as on departure. If the room deviates in such a way on departure, the user may charge the additional replacement or cleaning costs to the other party.
  • The garbage should be deposited in the corresponding container.
  • Smoking is not permitted in the apartments, but it ís permitted outside.
  • The swimming pool is not heated and cannot be used in winter.
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • BBQ is allowed in the shared BBQ in the swimming pool area, it is not allowed to use a

            BBQ on your private terrace.

  • You can check in from 15:00 – 23:00 at your day of arrival. You should check out before           11:00 at the day of departure. These times can be adapted/adjusted after mutual agreement       and should always have been consulted previously.
  • The guest can park in the available parking spaces at the parking lot of Mijas-Residence. Parking is at the own risk of the guest.
  • All risks referring to staying in or around the apartment are at the own risk of the
  • The damage incurred by loss or breakage of objects (real estate or furniture) has to be reported and paid by the user.
  • In the case of loss of the key and/or the remote control of the port, €100 will be charged to the other party.
  • The counterpart has to respect the instructions given by the user about the functioning of the services and/or installations.
  • After 23:00 you should not cause any noise disturbance both inside and outside your apartment. An exception to this rule is for events then the end time is 00.00 hours only on the day of the event.
  • The user can deny the entrance of the counterpart to Mijas Residence with immediate effect      in case of inappropriate behavior – without need to specify the reasons  of this denial and           without obligation to return any amount paid for the corresponding stay.


  • The rates do not include costs of a cancellation and/or a travel insurance and/or other any other additional cost.
  • The rates of the apartments are indicative and are without any obligation and can be subject to provisional changes.
  • The use of a baby-bed and babychair is free of charge.
  • If there would not be enough beds available, the sleeping couch can be used at the cost of 15.- euros per person/week.
  • All references in the website of are done in good faith and can always be subject to provisional changes.
  • Mijas-Residence is not obliged to respond to services that are obtained by errors in the website
  • The offers can never be used in combination with other offers.



  • A reservation is valid when it’s constituted in writing and when 50% of the corresponding amount has been paid by the counterpart and confirmed by Mijas-Residence.
  • If a reservation is confirmed by a third party (in connection with Mijas-Residence), than a rental agreement is constituted as well. No extra reservation cost will be charged.
  • The rest of the amount of the reservation/stay should be paid upon arrival. For events, the remainder of 50% must be credited to the account of Mijas Residence 6 weeks before arrival.
  • Upon arrival you should leave a deposit of 200.- euros in cash. If the apartment is in the same condition as it was at the day of arrival and according to the checklist, you will receive your deposit back (in cash as well). For events, the deposit of € 1,000.00 must be paid in cash upon arrival.


  • If the cancelation of the initial reservation takes place within 6 months before the corresponding day of arrival, the money already paid for will not be returned.
  • The cancelations have to be communicated (always in writing) by sending an Email to
  • If Mijas-Residence for some reason would not be able to let the apartment that has been contracted, they will offer you another apartment or similar apartment after agreement with the counterpart.


The guest has the right to raise a complaint towards Mijas-Residence. The complaint should be treated adecuately and in due time, according to the principles of rationality and justice.


In case of force majeure, both temporary and persistent, Midas-Residence has the right to cancel the rental agreement partially or totally or defer temporary whilst the counterpart cannot demand the delivery of the agreed services and/or any kind of compensation.

Examples of force majeure are, but not limited to: (danger of) war, strikes, rebellion, boycot, disturbances, incidents in electircity suppy, in traffic or transport, governmental measures, lack of raw materials, natural disasters and circumstances like extreme weather conditions,  death of one of the owners or their close family, which causes that the contracted services from Mijas-Residence can’t be delivered partially or totally according to the principles of rationality and justice.


  • At and around the swimming pool, bar and gardens, the polycarbonate glassware present in the bar should be used. If glassware is used, with the result that the swimming pool has to be pumped out because glass has ended up in it, Mijas Residence will charge the other party €1,500.00.
  • We can’t guarantee the security of small children. Bringing small children with you is at your own risk. Mijas-Residence is not responsible for any possible damage incurred or caused by the counterpart during the time of his stay at the complex.
  • Mijas-Residence cannot be held responsible for any disturbance in and around the apartments, such as disturbances in electricity, water and technical installations, roadwork, construction work etc. if they are not announced within a reasonable time in advance.
  • Mijas-Residence will only be responsible for damage caused by clear fault or severe negligence of the mentioned.

If any type of this problem would occur, the responsibility of Mijas-Residence is always limited to the direct damages caused, all types of direct or indirect damage in the future are excluded.

The responsibility of Mijas-Residence is always limited to to the maximum of the amount covered through the insurance-company for this type of item – if applicable.


Mijas Residence will treat all personal data that have been supplied and/or that are in its posession confidentially and will not make them available to any third party.